We are a small family business. We make our gelato on the spot every day and you can find our fresh product only at Jädelino, at Teurastamo. Our gelato is not on sale in the shops and we don’t sell it to other businesses. This is our philosophy. We are not planning to expand or get bigger at the moment. We are constantly focusing on the quality of what we produce. We want to be sure to always offer the best we can without compromises. Even in terms of authenticity of the experience. We never stop studying, testing and researching.

Our story

Jädelino opened its doors in 2013. We always thought Helsinki deserved a place where to find and enjoy authentic Italian ice-cream (gelato). So we put all ourselves in this project and keep spending all our energies to provide a good real gelato to all our passionate customers. Since we started we received amazing feedbacks and now looking back to the past we can certainly say our product improved a lot from the beginning. We never settled, we always kept studying, testing and researching. Most of our customers have been supporting us from the beginning and they have been by our side during the whole journey and this means a lot to us.


Oiva report

Jäätelöbaari Jädelino Oy  

Työpajankatu 2, 00580 Helsinki, Suomi.
Y-Tunnus: 2564836-4