Even if the allergen is not included in a specific flavour, 
there can be cross contamination during the production 

Thickeners used: Natural guar gum and/or Natural carob bean gum. We use fresh Finnish pasteurized whole milk and cream and only Finnish berries. We use two different machines for milk ice creams and milk free ice creams.

All our milk ice creams are pasteurised and made with: fresh Finnish milk and cream, sugars, natural carob bean and/or and guar gum and the main characterizing flavour ingredients.

Other Flavours

Honey (made with local Finnish honey); Stracciatella (fior di latte with dark chocolate chips); Salty Peanut (with sweet salt from Cervia); Spagnola (crema variegata with amarena); Nutella; Mint Liquorice (mint ice cream with little pieces of Calabria DOP liquorice); Carrot White Chocolate (made with carrot juice and Callebaut Velvet white chocolate); Pannacotta (made with fresh cheese and caramel); Coconut (made with real coconut flakes); Black Sesame; Pasqualino (Easter flavour: made with fresh local organic egg yolks, infusion of organic orange peel and dark chocolate chips); Tiramisù (made with mascarpone, coffee, Marsala wine and savoiardi); Fior di Olio (made with Extra virgin Olive Oil); Cappuccino; Coffee Chocolate; Variegato Strawberry (fior di latte with strawberry jam); Walnut (made with Sorrento walnuts); Saffron Sesame (made with saffron and caramelised sesame); Piparkakku (Christmas flavour); Zabaione (made with local fresh organic eggs and Marsala or Sherry wine); Ginger (made with dried ginger); Chili Chocolate (made with Valrhona cocoa and spicy chili).

All our fruit ice creams are made with: water, sugars, probiotic fibres, natural carob bean gum and guar gum and the maximum amount possibile of fruit. Berries are always Finnish. Some milk free flavours have olive oil added as fat supplier.

Red Currant 
Black Currant
Berries Mix


Nonna Lella
Salty Peanut
Salty Almond
Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate Chili