Mon-Thu 11-19
Fri-Sat 11-21
Sun 13-18

Flavours usually available are:
Fior di Latte, Vanilla, Amarena, Stracciatella (Fior di Latte with Chocolate Chips), Pistachio, Hazelnut, Chocolate, Liquorice, Strawberry Vegan, Pistachio Vegan, Chocolate Vegan, Lemon Vegan, Mango Vegan. More flavours available and changing daily in addition to the list above.

Small gelato 4,90€ (1-2 flavours ~120g)
Medium gelato 5,90€ (1-2 flavours ~150g)
Large gelato 6,90€ (1-3 flavours ~180g)
Cone 4,90€ (1 flavour ~100g) 6,90€ (1-2 flavours ~180g)
Home packages 32€/kg (500ml or 1000ml - up to 3 flavours - we scale the package after filling it)

P.s.: cones are certified Vegan Ok



Welcome to Jädelino website, here you can find useful information about us and our ice-cream. In our ice-cream parlour you can enjoy authentic Italian artisan ice-cream made fresh every day in our workshop. For our ice-cream we only use the best raw materials carefully selected.

We only use Finnish fresh milk and cream. We use the renowned sicilian pistachios from Bronte P.D.O. and the famous P.G.I hazelnut from Piedmont. For our fruit flavours we decided to favour local products as in Finland we can find top quality berries. For example, our strawberries come from Suenenjoki. Cranberries, raspberries and blueberries come from Kainuu and northern Karelia.


All our ice-cream cups, spoons and take away boxes are compostable. Environmental pollution topic really matters to us, so we decided to avoid using any plastic product and invest in 100% compostable ones. Difference between biodegradable and compostable: biodegradable products can take maximum 6 months to decompose and it is enough if it happens for their 90%. Compostable ones instead, as the bio-plastic we use originated from corn, need to be totally decomposed in maximum 3 months.


We have a resonable choice of dairy free and vegan flavours as well to satisfy our customers who are following a vegan diet or who suffer of lactose intolerance. In our ice-cream you won't find emulsifiers, artificial flavourings or colourings nor hydrogenated vegetable fats. The list of ingredients we use is intentionally very short and we focus on the taste clearness of each flavour. 

At Jädelino you can even enjoy a traditional Italian espresso, a cappuccino or an affogato. We even directly import Italian sparkling wines and a good selection of wines from Abruzzo by Pasetti to match with a classic Italian cold cuts plate. Peroni beer and other drinks available too. All you need for a nice aperitivo!

You can easily reach Jädelino by metro (Kalasatama stop) or bus. If you prefer to use your car you can easily find parking. Free wi-fi is available at Jädelino.

Welcome to visit us!